Food waste

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So we donate food surplus from our stores.

Tackling food waste

Perfectly Imperfect

In partnership with our suppliers we work on to reduce food waste in the whole supply chain. That is why we started a program named “Perfectly Imperfect".


In Hungary, Tesco’s food-saving program has been in place since 2013. In the frame of the program, food that cannot be sold but is still fit for human consumption is collected and sorted by staff in stores at the end of each day.  Our colleagues collect the bakery products made in-store bakeries, vegetables and fruits, and prepare them for those in need after a quality check. Food can only be donated if it is not moldy, spoiled or contaminated, and shows no signs of foreign matters, tastes, odours or traces of pests. Food thus prepared by our stores is delivered the next morning to a charity organization doing social work in the store’s neighbourhood under the supervision of the Hungarian Food Bank Association. This organization then redistributes the donations on the very same day to those in need living also in the neighbourhood of the stores.

Currently 174 stores participate in the program in Hungary, and more than 200 organizations pick up the donations every day. By the end of May 2019, the staff of these Tesco stores had collected and donated for charity 20 000 tons of food equaling more than 52 million meals.

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