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So we donate food surplus from our stores.

Tackling food waste

Perfectly Imperfect

In partnership with our suppliers we work on to reduce food waste in the whole supply chain. That is why we started a program named “Perfectly Imperfect".


Product - Sourcing

As a responsible company we want to minimize the environmental impact of our products being produced and want to ensure we respect the human rights of workers in our supply chain.

Now we are working with our supplier partners to meet with these requirements, with focus on fish, bananas, cocoa and palm oil. In Central Europe our internal target is to source 50% of our fresh fish from sources certified by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) by the end of 2018. We have also increased volume of just RFA bananas this year by 42.7%. Our finest* coffee and tea already have a Fair-Trade certificate, and we are currently working on certification for cocoa and palm oil.

We listen to our supplier partners. We conduct regular anonymous satisfaction surveys to give them feedback opportunity. We responded to the survey results with establishing a new dedicated Supplier Engagement Team to help improve cooperation and understanding.

In 2016 we introduced new regular communications channels - Supplier Newsletter and Supplier Conferences. We also re-launched the international Supplier Protector Line for our Central Europe business partners, providing a free, professional, confidential and secure service that enables suppliers to raise concerns.

In addition, in May 2016 we launched in Poland the Supplier Helpline, a tool helping suppliers resolve any queries about working with Tesco within 48 hours, giving suppliers a single point of contact when they need help. After being trialled in Poland it was extended to all four countries of Central Europe.